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EnCata has dedicated more than 10 years to one goal – creating Lean Engineering Catalyst system to help entrepreneurs turn great ideas into market-ready products in the quickest and most cost effective manner. EnCata is a one-stop consultancy and product developer that takes both an inventor’s and engineering vision and transforms it into a product ready for mass production with full set of 3D drawings and manufacturing documentation.

EnCata is a sort of "technical incubator" for high-tech ideas, the company breaks down barriers between entrepreneurs' ideas and investors' money, enabling the transition from exciting idea to life changing product.

Here, at EnCata, we have spent a lot of years developing our philosophy and operating principles.  Like any other organization, we have experienced ups and downs, but we have always been using failure as learning experience and basis for future success.

Our philosophy is based on LEAN principles

1. Toyota Production System

2. TRIZ (or TIPS – Theory of Inventive Problem Solving)

3. Business methodologies of I. Adizes

4. Business methodologies of J. Collins

Every Encata's worker understands that attention to detail and elimination of waste is a core principle of our philosophy. We see our work as a continuous process flow, which creates value for our customers. Any action that adds no value must be promptly isolated and eliminated, reducing both time and cost only to the design/manufacturing process.

EnCata production flow is visualized

EnCata production flow is visualized. There are no solid walls in our offices, no lockers, no shelves with tools and no isolated rooms. When every worker has acccess to all the stages and inputs, the chances a problem or defect will be unnoticed are literally small.

We’ve become a continuously self-improving and self-training structure

EnCata views itself as a continuously self-improving and self-training structure. We have successfully tested and implemented the system of "proposal lists" from our employees; encouraging all workers to continuously search for ways of reducing waste and improving efficiency in every area of our design and manufacturing process.

Each project is slightly different from the other, what is challenging and often stimulates our workers to invent new approaches, methods, technologies and principles. We use new discoveries to build upon our past experience in order to create a continuously improving set of standardized work principles to maximize quality and efficiency.

Go and see for yourself at first hand

It is a guiding principle at EnCata. No manager or design engineer can make decisions before he or she sees the situation with his or her own eyes. For this reason, our designers spend up to 20% of their time on the shop floor, assisting with the assembly of prototypes according to their design blueprints. Through a close working relationship between our design and manufacturing engineers, we are able to deliver the first prototype flawlessly assembled, tested and fully operational.

The basis of EnCata business model is people

We are trying our best to gather the "cream of the crop", the most creative, productive and hardworking people at EnCata. In addition to engineering talent, however, only individuals who share our philosophy, principles and passion for continuous development and improvement can join our team. This guarantees that our designers, engineers and management speak the same language and strive together to achieve the best results for our customers. We are always looking to expand the skills, talent and creativity of our employees and have a dedicated HR staff devoted to recruiting the most talented and passionate engineers to our company.