How We Work

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EnCata believes in combining the forces of standardization and creativity to develop a constantly improving work flow to provide clients with the fastest, highest quality product at the lowest possible cost. We have implemented a comprehensive standardization of documentation and procedures that improve project management, engineering development and prototype manufacturing processes so that the results are always apparent and delivered just-in-time.

In addition to professionalism of our design engineering and prototype manufacturing team, EnCata’s "one-stop" philosophy drives us to look for additional solutions for our clients. As we constantly interact with investors and quality management teams, we can often help our startups fill critical staff positions or source essential early funding from either private or public sources.

EnCata’s market reputation for integrity and transparency means that a recommendation from EnCata carries a lot of weight with potential investors.

Have you ever worked with engineering outsourcing companies or remote freelance designers? If so, please, have a look at EnCata services compared to a typical outsourcer: We will be very glad to answer your questions and find a suitable solution for your project.