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1."Strartup Conveyor"

EnCata has developed and implemented proven methods of search, selection and growth for "hardware startups" around the world. We provide technical and financial help, guiding and accelerating startup projects from good ideas to working prototypes and mass production.

There are several key stages of development necessary for a startup to transform an idea into a business. Many promising startups fail because they are unable to manage the transition from stage to stage. They might generate potentially world changing ideas, but lack the knowledge or experience to develop necessary designs and documentation or find cost effective materials for production.

EnCata’s approach unifies multifaceted consultancy, development offices and manufacturing under one roof. The goal of this integrated process is to create a single, unified project development flow to maximize a project’s chance of success. At EnCata we provide our clients with a "one-stop" program to seamlessly move through each stage of the development process and emerge with their dream product ready for market launch.

EnCata also provides full range sales and marketing consultancy through its affiliate "EnCata Marketing". EnCata Marketing provides advice and assistance in branding, SMM, creation of unique photo and video content as well as preparation and execution of crowdfunding campaigns.

2. Development scheme

1. Startup 2. EnCata
Unfortunately, most great or even brilliant new ideas for hardware technology products fail long before they reach the market. It is extremely challenging for inexperienced startup teams to excel in the very specific manufacturing and business processes required to turn an idea into a product. EnCata has partnered with the Hackpace Capital to provide startups with comprehensive support and facilities to guide a product from an initial concept to international sales.

EnCata is a world class one-stop innovative engineering development service. EnCata provides startups with critical design engineering and prototyping work (along with consultancy on efficient materials lists and manufacturing techniques) to guide startups through the perilous path from proven idea to working prototype with full design and manufacturing documentation.  EnCata is a unique full service engineering catalyst, which combines all the necessary components to create a market ready product under one roof – including a design office, project office, R&D facilities and an array of industrial machinery for prototype manufacturing.

3. EnCata Marketing 4. Mass Production
EnCata has a separate dedicated marketing company, which provides comprehensive marketing services to Hackspace startups,  including  branding, development and execution of marketing campaigns, SMM, photo and video production, preparation and full support of crowdfunding campaigns on various platforms. Hackspace and EnCata Manufacturing company have also developed mass production solutions for clients via partnerships with qualified producers in the most efficient global manufacturing centres. Hackspace Capital fully prepares, organizes, controls and conducts the process of manufacturing engineering at the stage of mass production.
5. Start Sales 6. Conveyor
Using its resources Hackspace Capital helps startups to enter the market, build sales and operations management,and set up logistics and product sales world-wide.