About EnCata

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EnCata is an innovative engineering service consisting of consultancy and one-stop-development service, focused on startup product development, design engineering and prototype manufacturing. EnCata believes in providing its clients with a full set of services and thus has established a design office, project management office, R&D facilities and a wide range of industrial machinery for prototype manufacturing under the same roof.  In addition, EnCata provides clients with production consultants, investors and business mentors. The end result is that a talented inventor/entrepreneur can come to EnCata with just an idea and leave with a fully functioning thoroughly tested product ready for mass production and market launch.

EnCata, founded by «Person of the Year for Industrial Innovation» Oleg Kondrashov in 2016, Minsk, is based in the dynamically evolving and engineering rich tech hub of Minsk, Belarus.  A December, 2016 Wall Street Journal article labeled «Belarus is emerging as the Silicon Valley of Eastern Europe» highlights the growing importance and influance of Belarus as a hi-tech and development center.  There are currently 40,000 Belarussian software engineers, and such popular applications as MSQRD, AIMATTER, Viber, Vizor Games and World of Tanks originated in Belarus.

The talent and diligence of EnCata’s design and manufacturing engineers allows the company to successfully develop cutting edge products in a range of fields, including nanotech, advanced electronics, aerospace, smart agriculture, Internet of Things, robotics, industrial automation, medical devices, automotive and consumer products.

EnCata is a global company having offices in 10 countries and employing approximately 200 professionals. The company plans to open additional branches (for example, in the USA and the capital of EU, Brussels) during 2017-2018. Depending on the region, we open specific  divisions such as: 1. Sales office (Tier-1), 2. Design Office (Tier-2) or 3. Design + Prototyping center (Tier-3).

Our R&D centers, based on the Toyota Production System (TPS) are the heart of EnCata’s development, where our engineers create new designs and manufacture advanced prototypes.

EnCata’s work is organized according to LEAN principles, which mean reducing delivery time and eliminating time and money losses, connected with knowledge transfer and materials logistics. We believe in establishing long-lasting partnerships with our clients, providing absolute transparency of the work process.  A lot of EnCata’s clients are repeat customers.